The people of America need our help. This past November the world watched with great anticipation as Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States.

Many of us hoped this historic moment signaled a significant change in US domestic and foreign policy. Others believed in the fundamental idea behind Obama’s nomination and presidential campaign: to move on social and environmental issues – and to re-engage people in our democracy – we need to embrace a new style of political leadership. Leadership born of respect, empowerment, and inclusion.

Right now the Obama administration is trying to bring forward real and substantial HEALTH CARE INSURANCE REFORM. And it is desperately needed.

47 million people in America lack health care insurance coverage. It is the first piece to a larger agenda for social, environmental, and economic progress. The Republican Party and a network of impassioned conservative activists have been highly successful in drowning out and distorting what insurance reform is all about: Reducing Costs, Increasing Choice, and Expanding Coverage. The Republican strategy? Oppose all reform, spread miss-information, incite hate and distrust, build on-the-ground opposition, vote down legislation, break President Obama, and win back the White House/Senate. If this legislation fails the greater agenda for change is under serious threat. We need to help citizens rise above the fray while providing facts and honest information.


Over the coming weeks we will being using tools available from “Organizing for America” to call Americans to help them better understand what his plan is really all about.

As we did to help Obama get elected, we will be organizing “Call your Southern neighbour” parties across Canada. Together, we can help our fellow Americans get public health care.

During 2007 and 2008 hundreds of Canadians flocked to the US to help Obama get nominated and elected. We knocked on doors, engaged volunteers, and reached out to people one phone call at a time.

Join us in the coming weeks to help make the promise of change real.