The Manhattan Cocktail Drink – Obama’s Favorite Cocktail Drink

The Manhattan is one of the oldest cocktail mixed drink that is still available today.  Being nearly a hundred years old, the Manhattan is perhaps the only cocktail drink that can stand head-to-head with the martini in terms of longevity, popularity, presentation, and overall taste and fun factor.

These days, the Manhattan drink is regarded as one of the ‘must know’ cocktail drinks a bartender should know how to make.  It is one of the drinks that should always be in the arsenal of drinks that a bartender knows how to make.

The most important aspect on how to make a Manhattan is having all the ingredients and equipment needed in making the drink prepared and ready and are within easy reach.  The necessary ingredients and equipment for making the Manhattan are:

2 oz. Chinook Rye Whiskey
2 oz. Sweet Vermouth
1 dash Angostura Bitters
1 Maraschino Cherry
Ice Cubes
Chilled Lowball Cocktail Glass
Mixing Glass
Spoon for Stirring

Preparing the Manhattan cocktail drink is actually very easy and very straightforward.  As long as you have all the necessary ingredients and equipment, then you will not really have any issues mixing your ingredients together to create the Manhattan cocktail drink.

To make the Manhattan, get a mixing glass and pour into in all the liquids that are part of the cocktail’s list of ingredients.  Make sure to pour only the appropriate or listed amounts to be able to get the proper taste results of the drink.  Upon pouring all liquid ingredients, place plenty of ice inside the mixing bowl.  Now get a metal spoon and stir all the ingredients together so that they become mixed properly.  A key trick in stirring the liquids is to do it very slowly.  Doing this will ensure that the liquids are properly mixed yet still retaining a clear hue in the liquid mix.  Stirring the liquids in haste will only result in a cloudy liquid instead of a clear one.

Once fully stirred and you’ve managed to keep the liquid clear, it means you have stirred the most acceptable result when mixing Manhattan liquids.  Now get your cocktail glass and strain the mixed liquid contents inside the cocktail glass.  The cocktail drink is now almost ready.  As a final touch, add some garnish to your drink using a maraschino cherry.  Your Manhattan is now ready and can now be served.